Take your pick of party or peace, it all starts with Los Cabos…

Los Cabos was born of travels in faraway places. Exploring wanderlust and where land meets the sea. Memories of easy places to be, where revelry and relaxation entwine as those sun-drenched days slip slowly into fun-filled all nighters. Where you have time to play at refuelling your soul, far from rules or regulations. Los Cabos Shoes takes its name after a trip to Los Cabos in Mexico. Located at the south end of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos is a unique mixture of desert landscapes, beaches, and mountainous zones.

In this spirit, our designers focus on capturing the freedom of travel for you – even if its just a spontaneous day trip or a moments downtime in your busy life. At Los Cabos, we develop shoes for your getaway weekend or your chill holiday. With 40 years of footwear development experience, Los Cabos is constantly researching, innovating and engineering new materials and constructions that can provide progressive looks together with natural support and superior comfort in faux leather. 

From sandals to on trend boots – and everything in between – our collection recognises the importance of individuality and style at an affordable price that won’t hold you back from updating your wardrobe season after season.

So, if you crave contemporary style with fun loving colours, hand burnishing, statement silhouettes and carefully crafted textures all with unbelievable comfort, then you definitely need to experience the Los Cabos collection.

Our commitment is to affordable fashion and ensuring perfect, crafted shoes that fit your needs – and exceed your expectations.

At Los Cabos we care about creating and maintaining strong and progressive relationships with our manufacturers, our retail partners, our community and our consumers. We invite and encourage you to join the Los Cabos community and discover more about our brand.