Nestled on the Costa Rican border, the beach town vibes of Puerto Viejo stole my heart.

I didn’t expect to find a place that could match the relaxed ease and joy my faithful LOS CABOS ZAYNE, This essential summer slide flaunts a coy, slightly flared heel to assert a visual control that amplifies the integrity of the superior textile upper – equally as colourful as Costa Rica is. A  dawn swim halfway along a deserted black sand beach followed with a breakfast of fresh fruit, organic chocolate and a bottomless cup of aromatic, locally-grown coffee (totally guilt-free I might add!) in the vibrant Caribbean sun has me totally believing the national catchcry: Pura Vida! Pure life.

This reggae town of silversmiths, seaside restaurants and surfers seems to have escaped the tourist drive. A place where the voodoo magic of Jamaican eyes rubs shoulders with active volcanoes that steam in late afternoon tropical downpours. The Jaguar Gods seem closer here. Last evening, I stayed on the beach playing with a cute local pup who had befriended me, and as the rest of the sunseekers left for dinner I was left alone to witness the secret grace of a full equatorial moon lumber its way out of a warm translucent sea. Just me and mi perro.

Find your rhythm with the balanced ease of Amanda from Los Cabos, a carefully cadenced tempo generates a multistrap upper of quiet sophistication and the artful ease of this design meets the demands of romps and retreats, were ideal company as I pedaled my way here along a sandy track underneath the rainforest canopy. Their espadrille styling totally suits the natural surroundings here. Fun fact: Costa Rica has the most biodiversity of any country on Earth! Neon-red crabs scuttle out the way of your bicycle tyres whilst troops of friendly monkeys laugh in the treetops, whilst life indoors is constantly set to the refrain of geckoes as they hustle amongst exposed wooden beams: GECKOooo.

At midnight I’m booked in to help a local group survey the rare Leatherback Turtles that come ashore to nest here, so I’d better grab my new dog and my trusty sandals and go find some dinner. Tacos de camarones I think, and perhaps only one cerveza tonight – I don’t want to let those turtle-babies down.

Hasta luego,

L.C. xoxo


October 25, 2019 — John Moffat