CYPRESS - October 


I’ve discovered an island of Love. Greek mythology placed the birthplace of Aphrodite right here at the serene sandstone nook of Pafos. Rising ashore like the sea-foam from which this warrior Goddess of beauty and pleasure took her name, I bask on rocks in the clear light of the Mediterranean. I’ve been exploring grottoes and cliff-jumping coves, and not far away are the natural springs where Adonis supposedly gazed upon Aphrodite as she bathed. The water here is like swimming through sparkling crystal and I feel refreshed and emboldened – Let him look!  I smile to myself as I already have the ideal travel companion anyway: my TANNA sandals by LOS CABOS. She always packs light and is super supportive, providing me comfort even on the weaving coastal trails I’ve been exploring. This classically-inspired design sets me musing on the archaeology of this island – everywhere you go are reminders of Antiquity, once mighty kingdoms that live on through their frescoes, folklore and fare. Halloumi cheese, tzatziki and stuffed vine leaves. Meze-style cuisine accompany drinks given warmly by a typically Med-mix of local Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern families who run the Island’s many open-air eateries.


History and hospitality are some of the most welcoming aspects of my travels so far. Lured by sun, sea and sand, it is more often than not experiencing the persistence of custom that leaves the deepest impression. Take the stylish espadrille the TINNY slide I slip on on as I head out for dinner tonight. Originally a shoe worn in Spain and France, especially during the summer months, LOS CABOS has reinvented the natural textile weave of this European seasonal essential with new materials, creating an on trend interpretation in the manner first made fashionable by Yves Saint Laurent and timeless movie starlet Lauren Bacall. True style never grows old, and even on holiday I like to be able to dress to impress because who knows?

My Adonis might be there…

L.C. xoxo


October 11, 2019 — Lou Morel